Sunday reading 💻

Coding etc.

Two recommendations and two self-plugs this week: * If you need to generate automatic wallpapers for test phones and watches, this article and utility from _David Smith will show you how Generating Testing Device Wallpapers - David Smith, Independent iOS Developer But if you just need to get some random text on a watch or iOS device, you could download my free app Steadfast. It’s super simple - it just lets you put a text phrase on a complication, including the extra large face, but it’s live updating so you don’t need to do the Share -> Watch Face dance. I use it for a sort of personal mantra — it can be quite nice for my tiny monkey brain to have that gentle reminder to keep a long-term goal in mind. But you could equally use it to display “Testing v2.” or whatevs. There’s also a Swift easter egg 🦄💖.

  • I have been loving Swift Talk’s series on building a settings form library. And when I say loving, I mean following along in code, extending it and then having to take long adoring coffee breaks where I stare at the framework api thinking how beautiful it is 🤓. In the middle of all the refactoring I’ve been using my Xcode source code extension AccessControlKitty, which takes a selection of Swift code and changes the access level. So, for example, you could make a class public, including all its methods and variables, with one menu command (or keystroke). It’s pretty handy 😽.

Demo of changing access level


Zoë Smith @zoe