Sunday reading 💻

Xcode extensions

I wanted write a little Xcode extension that could change the access level of a selection – for example, make an internal class and all its properties and functions public just with a keystroke. I thought it would be handy for extracting code into separate modules. I sort of forgot that now I need to write a lexer and a parser and a syntax tree and, well, it’s a whole thing. Fun though. * GitHub - theswiftdev/awesome-xcode-extensions: Awesome native Xcode extensions. * Install Xcode 8 Source Editor Extension – Khoa Pham – Medium * GitHub - yanagiba/swift-ast: A Swift AST parser and visitor that is written in Swift. * Building a Compiler in Swift with LLVM, Part 1: Introduction and the Lexer - Harlan Haskins * Writing a lexer in Swift * LLVM Tutorial: Table of Contents — LLVM 7 documentation


Zoë Smith @zoe